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The demand for environmentally friendly print materials has increased dramatically in recent years. The choices our clients and we make that influence the quality, design and cost of printed materials also have an impact on the environment. The sheer volume, energy, and materials involved in the printing process, from pre-press to disposal, have implications for air and water quality, waste disposal and energy use.

Generation’s environmental stewardship centers around making the best possible use of all resources and minimizing environmental impact of your printed materials while accounting for cost, quality and design. Achieving our long-term environmental goals requires a team commitment and ongoing cooperation with employees, suppliers, clients and our industry peers.

Printing choices and options are also constantly changing and improving. New technologies are supplying the industry with better choices that may ensure quality while minimizing environmental impact. To help customers make the right choice as it relates to paper stock, ink composition, overprint coatings and varnishes and glues for bindings and labels, we ensure you have the right information and are fully aware of options that are environmentally sound, economically feasible, and which ensure the quality of your printed materials.